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Judith Kusel


As massive portals have now opened up there is a magnetic pull from soul to soul to unite for specific purposes.

There are core groups of souls from within certain soul groups, who have come in for specific tasks or missions to accomplish.  They were involved with the creation of the planet from the very beginning, and have returned to assist the planet through this phase of transformation.

Some have been working over lifetimes to bring back the ancient keys and codes to mankind and have held them in custody.  They at as the e-missionaries of Love, Wisdom and Power when the earth goes through intense and massive changes, and then lead the rest through such shifts.

It is no accident when such souls are being pulled together – it is by grand design.

There are souls on this planet who have been involved with the establishments of the first…

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Contemporary Shaman

929d75a6d6c1048c5c295f4269f36c27Earlier this month I posted a quote with a picture related to the soul making an agreement before they incarnated into this particular life. There were many people in agreement but a number of others felt challenged by that concept as they did not believe a soul would willingly choose to be a victim of such suffering.

Philosophers and those on a spiritual path have been debating this concept for centuries. There are many books written on reincarnation and the souls destiny for those that want to dive deeper. I am not here to preach the right way to view things, rather I am writing to share how I came across this point of view and why I myself believe this to be true. Each person must be able to sit comfortably with their truth and each person’s truth is right for them.

So this is my experience of discovery.

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