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What are Nones?

     Nones are a new demographic of people who are religious. The name comes from the pole that asks which religion you are. Around the world it’s 50%, in the U.S. it is 20%. Most believe in God, pray and read the Bible. Some study and worship in groups at a home. But all no longer consider themselves as affiliated to any; religious organization, Bible Society, church, temple, mosque or cult. For more about Nones, see Home page; https://revelatoryawakening.wordpress.com/

What’s an ecclesia?

It’s the Greek word that represents the people that make up the church in a privet house. This was the structure for worship in the beginning for Jesus disciples. They didn’t need  to be troubled with; registering as a religion, trying to get tax breaks from the government, paying for workers at foundations, losing money to scammers or being abused by preachers. Their groups stayed small and cared for one another.

Why True Worship?

    We’re dedicated to helping honest ones worship the true God as He deserves. It’s necessary to do some research to carry out this. Since the Roman and Protestant branch of  ‘Christianity’ is “the man of lawlessness”, we have to look elsewhere. All of the organized religions of man’s making have failed!

What is the Truth?

    Jesus‘ apostles spoke Aramaic and called themselves Nassri, or (from) Nazareth. They fled to the mountains at Jerusalem’s destruction, then to Pella of Jordan. Some moved to Anatolia, now Turkey; and produced writings in Syriac with the aid of their disciples. They worshiped in homes, and used writings of the faithful along with the scriptures. They were familiar with the Apocrypha, and the Dead Sea Scrolls as well. Thus, to be true believers in God we need this fuller understanding in Jesus and his followers.

How can you do it?

   By reconstructing true worship and holding gatherings in our homes, we are awaiting the Messiah and obeying his command to love one another. Our sincere efforts can only be blessed by God, and are bound to result in success. Please join in this attempt to; help one another, worship YHWH more accurately, believe on Jesus, and survive through the end of this world. These efforts are new, so any help or comments are desperately needed.

See also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aramaic_language#Old_Aramaic



1) Yehuwah, one true God

2) Yesuah Messiah & Redeemer

3) Old with New Testament Bible

4) Historical Writings

5) Home meetings in “Spirit & Truth”

6) Love, Charity & Faith without hypocrisy

7) Honest spiritual growth in minor beliefs



Didache,  Barnabas, 1 Clement, 2 Clement, Polycarp to The Philippians, and they read some Jewish writings; Susanna, Bel and the Dragon, Baruch, Sirach, Wisdom. These in general are in harmony with books of the Bible canon, praise God or His laws and encourage believers to remain faithful. Thus, they improve our understanding of the original beliefs; and are worthy for use in worship meetings as Jesus’ disciples did. The Lord and his brothers were from the Galilean area as was the Qumran community. This lead to a great understanding of the Dead Sea Scrolls among them, including John the Baptizer and Paul. These along with our Messiah quoted many times from such texts outside the Bible.

Česky: Mapa nálezů Svitků od Mrtvého moře

Česky: Mapa nálezů Svitků od Mrtvého moře (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Dead Sea scrolls shown in Amman Archo...

English: Dead Sea scrolls shown in Amman Archoelogy Museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Remains of living quarters at Qumran.

English: Remains of living quarters at Qumran. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)