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cosmic-flush01    Jesus wasn’t Roman nor was he Chinese; but he spoke Aramaic. That’s because he lived in “The Land of the Gentiles”, as Galilee was called, due to it’s eastern immigrant workers. He would have been able to also speak the common Koine Greek, as well; and was aware of the nearby Egyptian, Babylonian and Tibetan religious concepts.

* Yesua said: “I was before David”, “sent by the Father” and Psalms records that “all souls return to God.” Does that not sound like Jesus and all of us are “spirits” with bodies?

* The Bible says that living people are “dead” in their trespasses, so when it says they know nothing while “dead” or “sleeping” is it saying that living people are merely dead spiritually?

* So there must be life after bodily death, especially since Jesus said: “my Father has many abodes”, or “rooms in heaven.” And Paul spoke of the third heaven; thus, are other dimensions of spirit existence being refereed to here?

* Could the transfiguration itself, of the “Christ”; then be explained as ascension, including his going away in the clouds?

* Did not Yesua of Nasseri teach his disciples that they “will be one with the Father”?

Is this really the Catholic Resurrection that’s taught in the West, or may it actually be the original beliefs of Eastern Ascension that was known to the Ancients before the writing of the Bible? If so; then learning about the practices that lead to ascension, are of vital importance! For help in this matter, please click below.

Contemporary Shaman

929d75a6d6c1048c5c295f4269f36c27Earlier this month I posted a quote with a picture related to the soul making an agreement before they incarnated into this particular life. There were many people in agreement but a number of others felt challenged by that concept as they did not believe a soul would willingly choose to be a victim of such suffering.

Philosophers and those on a spiritual path have been debating this concept for centuries. There are many books written on reincarnation and the souls destiny for those that want to dive deeper. I am not here to preach the right way to view things, rather I am writing to share how I came across this point of view and why I myself believe this to be true. Each person must be able to sit comfortably with their truth and each person’s truth is right for them.

So this is my experience of discovery.

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“How much longer, Oh God?”


“This blog is about good people coming together, to find the truest form of worship. They don’t like what’s happening in the churches, nor do they trust its preachers. It’s focus is on biblical research to understand, and do the true God‘s will; not that of false priests. Even if many aren’t ‘Christian’, the Bible and Jesus are well-regarded as reputable sources to learn from. Some recoil at this idea, since they know of Christendom’s atrocities and misrepresents Jesus.” …WOE TO THE FALSE SHEPHERDS!

“Yet allot of; Messianic Jews, moderate Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists agree with many of Jesus and the Bibles teachings. That’s why all should come together as one people of humanity to serve Yehuwah God. He’s our Creator, deserves our worship and we should learn the Bible’s basic teachings. The benefits to a united brotherhood and a greater understanding of ‘truths’ will far outweigh any fears associated with the challenge!” …OUR GOD IS ONE GOD!

”This can be easy, though we’ll have to do it without a religious organization. These have proved throughout man’s ages to become corrupt in a short time. So rather than imitating priests, imams, or shamans; we must investigate ‘the truth, about the truth!’ This requires that our studies include more than a search within the Bible, but excluding much of a theological context. These have added many false beliefs over the centuries, and many a historian has called then pagan beliefs and practice! In recent years archaeologists have uncovered more evidence to prove this.” …TRUST IN GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART!

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