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That was true after the second temple period, and with the unrest in today’s no-temple period: it’s likely to have a greater fulfillment.

With all the disasters that we’ e had these last six years, they should have plenty of data. Unless they want to fine tune which neighbourhoods are to be “taken out!”

Okay, so the modern state of Israel was founded by Western white Christians, and populated with European white no-temple Jews. So we have African black no-temple Jews joining, right! There’s no such thing as a true Biblical Jewish Israelite these days.

So does that mean that assisted suicide will soon be an excepted treatment for pain management, is that next?

That’s like their most favorite thing to tell us, how many times have you heard it.

Which super-power taught Syria that trick?

How can any one fight back in support of such a sinister practice as child sex abuse?

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