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    Why? Because Worship of GOD is too Important to be Incorporated, Packaged and Sold by the Most Successful and Devious Religious Organizations! You Owe it to Yourself, Your Family and Friends to be Aware and Enabled to Break the Chains of Man’s Churches that are Mislead by Satan. Be part of “The Awakening”, and say NO to Corporate religious affiliation.


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  • ABOUT THIS SITE ;After all major religion’s spiritual abuse of the flock, what people of all nationalities and backgrounds can do.
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This is the awakening of the “Nones”, the church for the “Unchurched“, those with no religious affiliation nor entrapped by a judgmentally organized system of theology. Nones are 89% believers in God, 5% Agnostic (belief in God, but that He doesn’t nor ever will interfere in man’s affairs) and 6% Atheists. Also, the belief in Evolution is sometimes refereed to as a religion, where as Atheism requires no more belief than in nature itself. Deism; though not a specific religion, is a belief system that submits to “the nature of God“. One Deist’s site claims that Nones are actually Deists; yet Deists do not worship God and say He has no need of man to acknowledge Him! Since the 89% of Nones that are believers and pray to God, than they are not Deists as claimed by a Deist’s site. Furthermore, because the Nones are not of an organized construct, as are the Deists or most religions; then Nones are the most free of all believers and do not belong to the Deist’s movement. This implies that at least some of the Nones are awakened and able to distinguish such incorporated constraints from true “freedom in the Lord”.

More information from the web about The None Movement:…012/10/09/nones-religion-pew-study/1618607/…stscript-gerson-and-nones-in-the-u-s/…4840/losing-our-religion-the-growth-of-the-nones…pectives/an-oversupply-of-nones-677827/…n/la-oe-clayton-emergingchurch-20120325…l/159785/rise-religious-nones-slows-2012.aspx