So does that mean that assisted suicide will soon be an excepted treatment for pain management, is that next?


hospital-II-pd-300x225SEATTLE Washington Attorney General Robert Ferguson and Deputy Solicitor Alan Copsey recently released an opinion outlining that state law requires publicly-funded hospitals to provide abortion services if they also offer maternity care. “I fully expect all public hospital districts to comply with this opinion,” Ferguson stated at a recent news conference. The opinion was a response to state Senator Kevin Ranker of Olympia, who asked, “Does a public hospital district violate [the law] if it solely contracts with a provider of health care services that refuses to provide services or information including contraceptive care, voluntary termination of pregnancy care, and other services that relate to a patient’s fundamental rights … and the public hospital district does not provide ‘substantially equivalent benefits, services, or information’ with respect to voluntary termination of pregnancy care…?” Ranker was referring to a 1991 law known by legislators as I-120, which mandates that public hospitals that provide…

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